27 September 2005

Communication quandary

Who do we speak to when we write? Who listens? This is relevant for more than just bloggers and writers. For anyone who wants a "voice" in this world, the question is crucial. I knew that people read what I wrote long before I started a blog. I also knew that many, MANY, more people on this earth had never read so much as a character of my work. So how and why does a person obtain an audience? An audience that has meaning for them? Some of us only want our nearest and dearest reading our words. Others could care less if mom and dad follow their careers as long as strangers across North America buzz about their work in coffee shops. I suggest anyone creatively unsatisfied would feel an excellent release in discovering the answer to why they create and contribute the work they do.

16 September 2005

Censorship at Walmart

Maybe some of us dislike Walmart for running small businesses into the ground and spreading more minimum-wage, retail employment. At the very least, most educated North American and British residents (ASDA in the UK) have mixed feelings about the mega-mart.

As a youth employment counsellor, I liked that my clients had a welcoming, somewhat forgiving employer. As a disillusioned consumer not wealthy enough to buy whatever I feel like, Walmart was a reasonable source of art supplies, cosmetics, drugs and clothing. However, my lefty journalist side was always bothered by their domination of the large low-end retail market. I reached the boiling point this summer when a co-worker pointed out that not only do they close down Mom and Pop, they exert a highly unethical form of censorship on print magazines.

I've been meaning to post this article for awhile. It's still timely though, so scan it and think twice about Walmart.

The Wal-Mart Thought Police

09 September 2005

Radley: The dog with cow's skin

Unpacking the last of my long term storage today after my latest move. And I came across this small leather dog. He was a present from my aunt at the end of a visit to Edinburgh almost exactly two years ago. I made a comment that I thought purses sporting those tiny scottie dogs were really cute and I was sorry for not having bought one. As she had two Radley purses, she gave me the dog decoration from one. To me, he's a souvenir of my trip and my aunt. But it occurs to me that attaching him to my purse may be the sad equivalent of painting a Nike swoosh on dollar store canvas shoes. I love him anyway.

And now for something completely different.

Last weekend I was mortified to hear that raped women needed to be rescued from a hurricane refuge centre in Texas. When I saw the article below I thought "MOTEO!" Nevermind that police and the army weren't watching carefully enough - they shouldn't have to. It disturbs me deeply that North American society still produces vicious predators in human suits.

Rapes in New Orleans Chaos Were Avoidable

08 September 2005

Wanna be a TV vigilante?

For anyone frustrated by the brain-sucking power of contemporary television, or just interested in a little troublemaking:


05 September 2005

No thanks, I'm just looking

After chatting with one of my non-blogging friends this past weekend I was reminded that many of you read these posts, yet never comment. I know I've said it to a few individuals, but I'd like to reiterate that all browsers are welcome. I know several bloggers that get annoyed by non-commenters, declaring that they don't want visitors who just hang back in the shadows. Some bloggers relieve that frustration by using some kind of tracking script to be aware who reads their site. Not to say that I never would, but I do not at this time track my visitors.

I do however, read without commenting all the time. There are several blogs I check in on without interacting at all, ever. I am always aware that anyone on earth with Internet access could possibly read my blog or geocities site.

Bloggers need to be comfortable with the fact that their audience may be bigger than the sum of their comments. If you can't handle that; if you don't want an anonymous audience for your musings, keep your journal under your mattress, not on the world wide web. I mean that more as a caution than a critique and direct it to naive bloggers who might blush to find out exactly who peeks in on their pages.