21 December 2005

This year's new web site

About once a year I get sick of my web site. Colours, graphics and layout mostly, but sometimes content as well. I'm tossing around a few ideas, so I've posted a link to the pages I'm testing at the moment. There's no content, but please feel free to comment on navigation, style, appearance, etc.

09 December 2005

Today is brag day

Some of you may have heard me rant and rave about a really cool magazine I've started writing for called Cahoots. It arrived in the mail last night and I was genuinely wowed. I called my sister and said, "The fact that I've got a piece in here is irrelevant; I totally LOVE this magazine!"

The brave, bright ladies who put it together deserve all the credit. I also quickly discovered that I was part of something more than a magazine. It's a network of women who care about friendship, art, literature, families, humor, imperfection, travel, cool stuff and pretty much anything that actually interests real women.

I got to read the other submissions, find a new blog to browse, embarrass my sister (there's a photo essay in there using a really old pic of us) and soak up the art (which I'm very excited to see balancing all the text).

That said, I am pretty stoked to see my very own column (there's the vanity ;)

But at least I won't send you all out to a nearby store to pick it up. Mostly because I don't yet know where it's being sold.

Cahoots Magazine

01 December 2005

Don't get attached

A former prof used to say, "Kill your Darlings." She told us that any sentence or phrase we thought was literary genius was probably just a stumbling block for readers.

I've had to do this many times. For length or flow, I've had to amputate sentences and paragraphs with reluctance and remorse. But my prof was right. A mercy shot to the temple for any beloved nugget of prose is usually a good thing.

Next time you're writing a blog post, news article or promo, try it. You'll be unpleasantly surprised.