29 April 2006

Buffet with a side of babies

I grudgingly agreed to go to a local buffet the other night. I should have known more than greasy food was waiting for me.

Not long after we sat down, an episode of Nanny 911 starting taking place at an adjacent table when an exhausted mother of (I counted at least 5) was trying to organize and feed her crew. They were whiny, but so am I when I'm that hungry.

The poor woman could barely keep those dozens of sticky little fingers out of the desserts on the cart. It made me cringe. I'm pretty sure I want children, but I don't think I want to spend my life hearding them.

Just as we got up to leave, a young couple about the same age as Jeff and I deposited an incredibly adorable newborn on the table next to us. We both looked. Despite the circus behind us, we both thought she was adorable.

My little sister Sarah, age 2

Especially as good friends of ours get closer to the due date for their first child, I know it's coming. I can feel it in the mail.

Our friends will have an adorable baby. And she'll be so cute and perfectly behaved (while we're there) that Jeff and I will start to think it's a good idea. But I probably do need to see a couple - just like Jeff and I - have a baby, be happy about it and still enjoy their lives. Otherwise I'll never overcome this intense fear that having a child would destroy my already precarious sanity.

26 April 2006

This is how you remind me... of yourself

Flaws fascinate me. Not because I like to pick on people or make fun of their shortcomings. It gives me strength and hope to see people acheive their goals despite personal challenges.

When a friend drew my attention to some similarities in two Nickelback songs and a selection of Disney animation, I felt sympathy for the scrutiny they and all other successful creative endeavours come under. Nobody's perfect, right?

Apparently, when you listen to "How You Remind Me" and "Someday" at the same time, they're nearly identical.

  • Hear them together

  • And Disney, well, they've got a lot of cartoons to draw. They were bound to recycle a few frames. The site is in Russian, but the visuals are what count.

  • Check out the similarities

  • I can't say that either 'recycling' bothers me to distraction. Inspiration is hard to sustain and the temptation to not reinvent the wheel is a strong force.

    Of course, you can flip that coin and say, "Holy crap, write a new song, draw a new picture. Refresh my memory, how much money to you make at this?"

    21 April 2006

    Fastest... rejection... ever

    Regrouping is a vital skill for every writer. Walking a tightrope-thin line between passion and apathy is essential to create insightful, meaningful work, yet bounce back when it's rejected.

    Yesterday was not my first book rejection. Nor will it be the last. And the sun still rose today. However, this is the first time I've ever pitched a full teen novel, complete with sample chapters. I had already caught myself second-guessing the edgy nature of some of the characters and plot points. But would it be my book, my words, my ideas if it were anything else? I am more than willing to compromise, but when the manuscript comes back less than two weeks later, you know you were never going to have that conversation in the first place (manuscripts usually take several months to come back).

    I've got a few other publishers to send to before this one joins the ranks of the officially unpublished, buried in my old Compaq laptop. Then again, it may be time for an agent, if I can find one.

    18 April 2006

    To Do lists

    After my recent trip to the mainland, I can prove to any list-makers out there that vacationing - not just days off work - is very important.

    After a long-weekend in Ladner (although several shopping trips including Ikea may factor in here) I feel a lot better than I expected to. At work this morning, less than half of my To Do list actually consisted of concrete tasks that needed doing right away.

    And this evening, after going on a nice walk around Thetis Lake and a meal at the Six Mile, my Yahoo Notepad list seemed laughable. I couldn't even remember why I'd made a note to do half the stuff on there.

    Look at your own purse post-its and fridge notes next time you come back from even the shortest trip away. I promise everything on the list will seem less urgent.

    10 April 2006

    Fish plates

    I normally don't just buy the coolest thing I see in a department store. Even in Capital Iron. But these plates and cups were adorable and happen to be a present.

    Thanks Cindy and Albie!

    09 April 2006

    The new chocolate

    Seriously, I mean it. Die hard chocolate fans may not be as thrilled as I was to discover carob. Or maybe you've already been down this road, but I find carob to be a viable, healthier option.

    If you like chocolate, but usually feel guilty adding it to recipes, try substituting carob chips for chocolate chips. Depending on where you live, you should be able to find some in the bulk food section of a supermarket or health food store.

    Keep in mind, this is coming from a lady who's perfectly happy to substitute pepperoni for the meatless, vegetarian simulation. Who knew I'd turn out to be a hippie?


    04 April 2006

    Neurotic squirrel

    In keeping with yesterday's slightly darker post, I thought I'd share my recent re-discovery of iLL WiLL PreSS. I've browsed this site before, but a friend at work turned me on to the vault of Foamy the Squirrel clips.

    Please be warned (although the web site appears to have this covered) that while they are cartoons, there is some strong language used. And by that, I mean swearing.

    iLL WiLL PreSS

    03 April 2006

    Test results

    I took an evil test today. Many of us with blogs take Blogthings tests and post them online. Each time I take one of these tests I'm either unimpressed or embarrassed by the results. Probably because I answer honestly. Guess which one was the case with the evil test?

    I'd like to lodge a complaint with the Blogthings people. I thought they'd tell me I have a dark sense of humour. Then again, who wants a test to tell you something you already know? But today I have the guts to actually post the test results, so feel better Andrea, you're not the only evil one out there.

    You Are 62% Evil

    You are very evil. And you're too evil to care.
    Those who love you probably also fear you. A lot.