28 July 2006

The rat and the cat at the back door

Our new neighbours upstairs have a female cat who's younger and tougher than both Spike and Sam. Sadly, as pretty as she is, she alerted me to the fact that, in all probability, rats live in my backyard.

New cat and her prey

Rat scared stiff

Wounded rat

Sam found the visitor

A closer look and sniff

Sam was either curious or afraid. Even wounded, he didn't take a crack at the poor little thing. I'm glad he's not the predatory type.

19 July 2006

Vader bear rules!

Vader Spirit Bear

Some of you may already be familiar with the bears in urban Victoria and Vancouver. Designs ranging from lame to fascinating have popped up on the same molded bears around both cities.

Corner in front of HMV

It doesn't matter what you think of any others, this bear in front of the HMV on Robson & Burrard is worth a look.

Spirit Bears:

And a few more pics from the recent Adobe-inspired trip...

Richards Street

My kind of artwork

BC Stamp Works

Fountain at the Queen E Theatre

Urban cathedral

Interesting architecture

A pub I will never enter

More interesting architecture

Fire in the sky

Georgia Strait sunset

Calming down

Lava in the clouds

Behind a BC ferry

17 July 2006

Why I don't read Chatelaine

For some reason - probably laziness - I haven't gone to the trouble of extracting myself from Chatelaine's mailings (which I'm sure are connected to half of the unwanted promos I get).

I guess I sympathize with the monumental marketing task of putting the right email into the right inbox.

But today I was motivated. I scanned an ezine I normally delete. And I found an article on friendship which came across as one of the most callous, misguided attempts at advice I've read in a long time called "Friendship freeze-out".

Suggesting that ditching friends is okay as long as you're open about it seems beyond cold. The article adds that it's even acceptable to discard problem people without notice as an act of self-preservation (although sadly, I have to agree slightly there).

I have no intention of writing, nor do I ever wish to receive a letter outlining why I'm not friends with someone anymore.

People grow apart and come back together naturally. And that's okay. However, the realities of distance, circumstance or growth pulling me away from someone don't need to be outlined in a 'Dear Jane'-type memo.

If I followed the advice in this Chatelaine piece, I'd burn bridges with friends the way people pitch outdated clothes.

Friendship freeze-out:

07 July 2006

Sweet, I'm not old yet!

You know you're not quite decrepit yet when the band you're following turns out to be a few years older than you. Especially when you were worried they might even be teenagers.

Billy Talent:

04 July 2006

More than a metal fan

Last night I watched Sam Dunn's documentary, Metal: A Headbanger's Journey with my boyfriend. He's much more devoted to the genre than I am, but I do like many of the bands covered by the film.

Although the film was well done - missing a few heavy hitters in my opinion, but I won't go into that - I was left with a sense of all or nothing. I got the impression that Dunn is promoting a kind of cultural elitism which really irritates me. Everybody feels left out, ignored, ridiculed and picked on at some point for some reason. Metal doesn't have the market cornered on being misunderstood.

I choose not to brand myself with my taste in music. For me, branding with a 'look' or 'sound' would lack authenticity because I haven't ever found a genre of music or single style I wanted to devote myself to completely - even blindly.

Dunn described a feeling - an intense rush - felt by true fans of metal. "Either you get it or you don't."

I'm challenging that idea because sometimes I get "it" and sometimes I want to throw a rock through the stereo or fling CDs out the window. Every genre has both talent and utter crap. Lots of different genres and artists make music that makes me feel happy, empowered, energized and soothed. Some of that is metal, punk, rock, rap, even - gasp - pop.

Dunn, are you suggesting that by not being a hard-core metal fan, I don't truly appreciate it? Do I lack depth or capacity to discern meaning? Either way, I'll still sleep at night if you don't let me into the club.