25 August 2006

How crazy do you have to be?

My coworkers heard my 'outside voice' today when I saw this ad. What the hell does the 'etc.' cover?

24 August 2006

Scattered pancakes

The first thing I saw when I got off the bus this morning felt like a punch in the stomach. A woman kneeling on the ground in front of a bench, barely conscious, face first in the metal slats with most of a Mc pancake breakfast strewn on the sidewalk next to her. Syrup, pancakes, various items of litter. She was trying to yell - probably with every ounce of energy - "Screw you. I hate you," and so on. No one was there. After the sensation of being startled by a snarling dog wore off, I felt very, very bad. I wish I was the kind of person who not only knew how to help her, but could actually break through that barrier of fear and disgust and do it.

15 August 2006

Dell battery recall

I should know better than to think I'm being silly about something like an overheating laptop causing uncomfortable warmth and pain in my wrists. Not wanting to worry or complain, I managed to convince myself I was overreacting rather than slowly irradiating my wrists or something equally gross.

Almost immediately after I started using a Dell Inspiron laptop in March 2005, I started wondering whether or not I was developing carpal tunnel syndrome or being otherwise adversely affected by the heat coming off the wrist-rest areas of my laptop.

And now I know...

Dell will recall PC batteries:

Dell battery recall: More fuel to the fire:

Dell Battery Return Program

11 August 2006

Elevators are great because...

They confirm my belief that people do not inherently enjoy small talk, especially not with strangers. I think it's a positive observation that every time I ride the elevator to and from my office, my faith in the average individual's respect of personal space is usually validated.

Rare is the day when some overly cheerful or otherwise dysfunctional person chooses to start some inane exchange about weather or traffic or the line up at the passport office two floors below.

And fortunately, Victoria is still a small enough city that massive 30-person elevators in monstrous 100-floor buildings don't exist here... yet.