08 September 2006

Magenta hair and a mortgage

I may officially be the oldest eighth-grader ever. Mentally, anyway. In the last week, I've acquired magenta streaks (the fun, fierce Punky Colours kind), a new pair of Vans (I'm such a brand sucker sometimes) and a mortgage on a condo. Strangely, I'm least interested in the last item.

By 27, I used think I'd look like a grown up, be married, have children, own a house with a yard, sit in an office and make a 'serious face' for the better part of each day.

Well, I have an office, but it's layered in photos, posters and print ads, a pleasant by-product of writing in a marketing department. I like my life this way, without anyone chastising me for my piercings or t-shirts or wrist cuffs.

But I'm still waiting to feel like a 'homeowner' and I'm not entirely sure that's a good thing.