27 November 2006

Theory of A Deadman rocked...

And Three Days Grace was pretty cool too. I had a fantastic time at last night's concert here in Victoria, but after tickets, drinks and an overpriced t-shirt, it was way too expensive. Regardless, rockin' out with my boyfriend of 10 years at the first concert we've ever seen together was totally worth it.

And now for something completely different...

Parkside Place courtyard

Tillicum Road

Burnside Plaza

Douglas and View

Fort and Douglas

View from my office across Fort Street

View up Fort from the kitchen

Fort and Wharf

Wharf Street

The Empress Hotel

The Inner Harbour

Provincial Legislature

Harbourside totem pole

Outside the Bay Centre on Douglas

An unfortunate couple with no snow brush

25 November 2006

Is someone listening?

Well, in the era of blogs and big brother, this was bound to happen. I'm not sure whether it's a horrendous invasion of privacy or an interesting new trend. Apparently, these sites are popping up for lots of urban areas.

Their popularity should be something to keep in mind if you're one of those people already looking over your shoulder in coffee shops, malls, public transit or other high-traffic spots. Personally, it doesn't worry me too much because I don't believe in hiding what I think and feel from anyone. Or at least I keep my secret thoughts and ideas truly secret - in my head.

But if you feel differently...

Overheard in Vancouver

19 November 2006


We went hiking in Goldstream Provincial Park yesterday. Even this late in the year, it was mild weather and beautiful terrain.

After we noticed more fungi than on our last visit I started to wonder,

"Just how much of a poisonous fruit will make you sick"...

"How much is fatal"...

"Which ones will make you grow taller"...

"And which ones will make you grow shorter"...

"Which ones send you down the rabbit hole"...

"And back again"...

Fortunately, I live on Vancouver Island and don't have to search for wonderland.