28 December 2006

Eyelash extensions

I feel compelled a few days after the fact to post something of a public service announcement on eyelash extensions. My intention with this post isn't to bash the salon or the brand of eyelash extensions (hence no names), it's to warn friends and other visitors to this blog off the temptation to try these very realistic lashes.

Being somewhat of a sucker for salons and various vanity-indulging beauty products, I sprang for overpriced eyelash extensions offered at a Victoria salon a few days before I was due to head back to my home town for the holidays.

I did my research, reviewing accounts of past lash recipients and browsing the salon's site. Everything looked and sounded better than good; one particularly glowing account had me genuinely excited.

So on December 22nd, I went in after work for the roughly hour-long procedure. I paid $60 plus taxes and tip for lashes that were supposed to be brilliant and beautiful for 3 to 4 weeks.

I thought she had been attaching them to my eyelid in the spaces between my eyelashes. But she'd been gluing them to my existing eyelashes. So not only did I start losing lashes within days, as mine fall out that often, they started to look strangely sparse pretty quickly.

At first, they looked fantastic. But I couldn't apply or remove makeup properly. They itched, weighed down my eyes and generally irritated me. Admittedly, I made the mistake of not removing makeup before going to the salon (I'd thought the esthetician would do that if necessary).

After 5 days of uncomfortable, agitated eyelids, I peeled off the remaining eyelashes, taking many of my original lashes with them. So that - as well as the $60 plus salon bill and days of discomfort - is the price for a little vanity it seems. Fair warning to all would-be extension seekers.

22 December 2006

Angels In America

I'm re-watching HBO's Angels In America, the series based on Tony Kushner's play.

It makes me wonder if the ability to connect to a mentally ill character (Harper Pitt) denotes one's own instability. I don't feel unstable - quite the contrary. Despite my renewed interest in painting strange things.

Blanshard Chapel Battle

I've also recently learned that scanning - while an excellent method of retaining image quality - does no justice to mixed media (sequins, feathers and a photograph in this case) or to metallic paint.

So the image above is a photo of a painting rather than a scan. Although I'm not sure at this size and resolution either is really distinguishable anyway.

"There are no forests in Antarctica. Respect the delicate ecology of your delusions."
- Representative of the International Order of Travel Agents

12 December 2006

The Mega Uber Fantabulous Rick Hart Telephoto Gallery

I've had a digital SLR camera since the summer - July I think - and my Dad just bought me a new lens for my birthday. A really swanky 70mm to 300mm (more like 420 or 450 in digital terms) telephoto zoom with a macro mode. And he told me I'd better dedicate an entire slide show to him. So...

Construction crane pod

Freighter at sea

Victoria Shipyards

Victoria Shipyards


Towards the Gorge and Selkirk Waterway

Mount Baker

Mount Baker

Downtown, Pacific Ocean and The Olympias

"When I went to school in Olympia, Everyone's the same, And so are you, in Olympia" -Rock Star, Hole

07 December 2006

Christmas Card 2006

Merry holiday something-or-other. Happy whatever-you-celebrate. I've had a very busy, stressful fall which will probably continue into this winter. So I'm not sending Christmas cards this year, I'm posting a communal card for everyone. Actually it's a collage of past cards.

I know it's not as nice as a shiny piece of mail, but I'm trying small acts of self preservation to see if it helps. (Hence no gingerbread or sugar cookies.) I'm still wearing my "I heart Xmas" sandwich board and ringing my bell - it's just on the inside this year.

"You are not a unique snowflake." - Tyler Durden