28 January 2007

Not a children's movie

I saw Pan's Labyrinth in the theatre yesterday. While the story and special effects were excellent, I have to echo critiques that this film is not for children.

The fantasy element is fairly dark, but probably appropriate for a generation desensitized by increasing violence and realistic imagery in mainstream movies, television and video games.

Still, the bloody portrayal of Spanish civil war-related assault, beatings, torture, and amputation was a bit too graphic for my taste, to the point where it overshadowed the central plot. My friends and other moviegoers all seemed to feel the same way overhearing conversations on the way out of the theatre.

While I'm sure contemporary children aren't as easily shocked, frightened or entranced as my generation was, I don't think the response to that should be escalating violence. I think the core fantasy story could have been told without the civil war side-plot reaching the level of viciousness it did.

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01 January 2007

Notes from Korea

I love Engrish! This came in a package of pretty cute stuff my sister sent from Korea for Christmas. Thanks Sarah!