27 February 2007

Recent freakiness

You've got to love people who want to mix it up and have access to the public eye. Specifically, televangelist Jerry Falwell and director James Cameron.

Between the two of them, it looks like the revelation that global warming is a trick of Satan's came to light just in time for us to learn the truth about Jesus.

I'll wait until I see Cameron's documentary before I decide whether or not I believe his claim. But I don't need to hear another word from Falwell to be totally sure he's crazy.

20 February 2007

30 Seconds to Mars

I can't take Jared Leto seriously as a musician. I knew he had a band, but I haven't really followed it. No more than the bands of Keanu Reeves or Russel Crowe - so absolutely no interest whatsoever.

But I caught his latest video this morning for the song "From Yesterday" on MuchMusic. It's ridiculous. The Chinese warrior theme had potential with interesting set and costumes, but it turned out cheesy. Mostly just random shots and poorly coordinated swordplay, punctuated by cryptic expressions from each musician. This one's going to end up on "Video on Trial".

After hearing the song again on the radio today, I thought, "Jared, I liked you better portraying addiction, agression and angst - in that order."
I also thought, "You know who did get the whole actor-turned-musician thing right - Jack Black with Tenacious D." Probably because he brought his brand of comedy across the bridge. I definitely want to see their movie.

(And yes, I'm on an embedding video kick.)

15 February 2007

The laptop and the light table

I'm known where I'm known as a somewhat driven gal. I take on too much. I stress. I stretch myself too thin, like saltwater taffy in the sun. I'm always brainstorming and looking for a new project, even if I'm far from finished the last one. And that's after I get home from the day job.

I'm also known for being a tad spoiled. A smidge pampered. This Christmas was like the 27 before. I got something under the tree I had not earned and still have no business owning. My very sweet, big-hearted boyfriend bought me a brand new laptop. So like the camera lens from my Dad, I feel compelled to make this item more than useful. I want it to sing. The keys will be humming out my first book; the screen will radiate art in every direction.

Goldstream Tree Trunk

Bed of Mushrooms

The Deviant Art account I started is keeping me busy - something there's no way I could create files for without the new uber hardware. And the light table my boyfriend hand-made for me helps too. Don't bother - I know he's a keeper.

08 February 2007

Winter blues

I've been feeling pretty sorry for myself this winter. Cold snaps, gray skies, taking the bus. But I've always been the first to admit that Victoria is still the most spoiled Canadian city winter-wise. And we've never had anything like this...

01 February 2007

Love/hate relationship with cooking

I wonder whether or not I will ever like cooking. As a child, I had an easy bake oven. I dabbled in playhouse and home garden concoctions. Now, I keep a recipe scrapbook, trying to compile just the right collection of ideas, instructions and techniques.

But I don't enjoy my time spent preparing food. I'm capable of making some dishes I enjoy if the wind is blowing NW and the sky is clear on the second Tuesday of the month. So I'm far from talented in the kitchen.

After a few weeks of having the boyfriend on afternoon shift (cooking for one) and stumbling across some Tyee archives on regional eating, I felt somewhat at peace with the idea that cooking can be full of drama and the equivalant of laundry for some people.

Although there is no clear 'chef' in my household, I am given to burning, mushing, squishing and otherwise ruining some foods. I keep waiting to get better.

Something tells me I shouldn't hold my breath though. Tonight, I bought a pre-cooked chicken, shucked some corn and pulled a bag of scalloped potato mix out of the cupboard. It didn't suck.