29 March 2007

Show of Hearts Spot

The video below was shot to promote the recent Show of Hearts telethon on Vancouver Island. Just a bit of info about the company I work for.

26 March 2007


I got on to a crowded bus after work today. My feet hurt, my back hurt and I didn't want to be standing the whole ride home. A short lady in front of me was irritating me because she decided to stop halfway down the isle, letting people pile up behind us needlessly.

I looked over at her face which was a little too close for comfort. She reminded me of my aunt Janet. Then I looked down at her wrist holding a support rail. Several long thin scars extended from the base of her hand all the way under her jacket sleeve, pushed up from reaching to the bar. She had 'X's on either side of the long scars. My first impulse was to hug her and tell her it would be alright and that the world wasn't that bad. A lump formed in my throat at the thought. But I'm shy and I know that kind of thing could easily go wrong.

I often wonder whether or not I'd make a good mother and if I even want to be one. If I do choose children, I know that instinctual voice is the personality that will take the wheel. At least I hope so.

24 March 2007

Pick me up

It's early, I'm trying to write and I can't focus. Jeff isn't back with the coffee yet. I need a pick me up, so I thought I'd post another anti-Nellie.

I don't know where she's from, but I'd go there on holiday for Amy Lee Day.

And how about another favourite? Can't beat a combo like Disturbed and Todd McFarlane.

21 March 2007

A dark day for Victoria

Today is Nellie Furtado Day here in Victoria. A sad reality that makes me wish I lived in Vancouver and it was Bif Naked Day. Hell, I'd even take Courtney Love Day in Seattle.

But no, I live in Victoria and I love my city. I do not love Nellie Furtado. I have other feelings for her that I won't tarnish my blog with. Enough said.

17 March 2007

On the horizon...

Ancient Inca city in Peru's Andes Mountains

I've wanted to travel to Machu Picchu for a long time now. For most of my adult life, I've waited for the opportunity to hike up to this ancient city and put my little hands on stone walls that hands have touched for thousands of years. I want to take my own photo; I can't take credit for the one above obviously. A friend sent it to me (thanks Dan!) for inspiration while I wait.

I dream of seeing other cities of other cultures that founded our world from Africa, to Asia, to Europe and down to South America. I'm looking forward to my trip to South Korea more than ever now after my sister related a sneak peek of what I'll get to see and where we're going.

I've been promising more art, my first book (should finish chapter 8 tonight if Jeff keeps playing Warcraft) and other projects to come, but photos from Korea will be a certainty on this blog in May. Feel free to hold me to it.

10 March 2007

Very cute and very funny looking

As much as I'm a sucker for the extremely cute (usually small and fuzzy) creatures in the world, I'm also a huge fan of the underdog. I'm a firm believer in the beauty of the ugly duckling.

So I felt I had to balance a post of gratuitous adorableness with a link to my new favourite blog, Endangered Ugly Things.

Endangered Ugly Things
Sure, they're not cute. But they're at least as important as your fuzzy thing

04 March 2007

An X Files marathon

Only in my living room though. Now that I have all nine seasons of The X Files on DVD, it's on any time I feel like it. I'm sure the novelty will wear off, but until it does, I'm happy to have sci-fi on demand.

Aside from my broad interest in the supernatural and paranormal, this show reminds me of two practical realities: 1) I liked television better before reality junk took over, and 2) I'm old enough to remember when that was.