28 May 2007

Two weeks in Korea

If you read my last post, you know I've been in South Korea for the second half of May. I'll probably allude to my trip again over the next - oh, probably few years - but I thought I'd share a photographic overview up front.

Downtown Sanbon

Cass bar in Sanbon

Mmmm... love that Galbi - a tabletop barbeque dining experience

KTX train leaving from Yongsan Station

Boarding the KTX

Mom, Sarah and I onboard

The now infamous slow-boat to Jeju
(no seats + 4 hours = tons of fun)

Jungmun Beach on Jeju Island

Palms flanking the soft sand

Entrance to the Jeju Folk Village

Preserved huts at the Folk Village

Oedolgae Rock and surrounding cliffs on the southern coast of Jeju

Random beach on the rural western coast of Jeju

Another random beach

Seonimgyo Bridge

Vertigo-inducing bridge path

Captive seal at Pacific Land

Dolphin performance at Pacific Land

Greater Seoul subway train

National Museum of Korea

Ornate carving under glass at the museum

Seoul Tower

View of Seoul from the tower deck

Dad and Sarah at an indoor driving range in Sanbon

09 May 2007

Sanbon and Jeju

I'm leaving for South Korea this weekend, so this will be my last post for probably the rest of May. If you're curious about the trip, I'm posting a few links and some of my sister's pictures to illustrate where I'll be.



(Sorry, no captions on the photos - I barely know 'where', much less 'what' at the moment.)