31 July 2007

Why I want a free ride

Most people who know me are aware of my aversion to driving. It started as urban angst rationalized by financial constraints and has now taken on a green slant. Although I have to admit, now that I've switched back to the buses I used to ride as a student, I miss the freedom (and, let's be honest) comfort and personal space of my metallic blue Tracker.

So I'll be keenly following the aftermath of a series by The Tyee suggesting that transit be free to the public. I like the idea - not just because I will benefit personally - but I think it could lead to other improvements. After the initial recognition of environmental problems, I hope it could also force commuters to come face to face with people that need help which they could otherwise dismiss.

If you're worried about being harassed by a junkie, alcoholic or mental health sufferer, why not go a step farther? Worry about how you can help that person recover - or prevent future cases.
Sounds like a tall order, I know, but so is free transit as it requires a serious commitment from provincial and municipal governments. If we can fill one, the other will start to look more attainable.

The Tyee Transit Series

29 July 2007

Spider City

Back in Colquitz Park today, I went looking for a spider to serve as inspiration for an incident in the chapter I'm working on right now.

There's a rusty old bridge covered in spider webs that's normally home to dozens of Charlotte impersonators, but today, just one little guy was hanging out.

Bridge Spider

Colquitz Heron

Log Climber

Cheeky Squirrel

Wary Rodent

22 July 2007

Korn cartoon on TV today

Watching this video on television today and remembering how cutting edge the special effects seemed (on the bullet specifically) when it first came out kind of dates me. But oh well, I'm feeling nostalgic - and in the mood to embed a video.

12 July 2007

Potter aftermath - don't worry, no spoilers

I have to admit, Cineplex Odeon slightly redeemed themselves last night as I picked up my tickets at one of their kiosks without the slightest hiccup (see previous post). Although it would have been just as easy, if I weren't trying to beat out other movie-goers, to swipe my card for tickets at the door.

I'm exhausted from having stayed up for the 10:20 pm show of the Order of the Phoenix and while I had fun, I think I could have waited until the lines thinned out.

It struck me during several scenes that whoever cast the children for the first movie had their work cut out for them. I imagine it's difficult to find a child who not only fits your character, but will grow into a talented actor for subsequent sequels.

Without picking on anyone, I think it's a good thing the movies have big-name veterans to round out the adult cast.

11 July 2007

Don't ever buy movie tickets online

I'll be enjoying an opening night show of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix this evening. No thanks to their online ticket sales though.

I will officially never be buying online tickets again. Their site crashed during my transaction and rather than sending my friend's boyfriend to buy us another three tickets (Silver City across the street from my house is the most expensive theatre in town) I decided to call their customer support line to confirm the transaction went through.

After 20 minutes on hold, a very, very young boy told me he couldn't confirm anything and I needed to call Visa. I called Visa. They confirmed the transaction had been approved, but not completed. I could still be showing up at the theatre with no tickets.

I called several Cineplex Odeon numbers - all led to useless movie lines. I called Tillicum Mall who gave me a direct line to Silver City and spoke to a manager who assured me my transaction would be honoured and to drop his name if there were any problems.

All of it took only a few hours between getting my work done and doing the pee dance while on hold. But I'm thinking it will be worth it come 10:20 pm tonight.

08 July 2007

River rabbit

Jeff and I found Benjamin Bunny snacking in Colquitz River Park while we were walking after dinner.

Bunny Profile

Bunny Vogue

04 July 2007

Body image babbling and string bikinis

I hope yesterday afternoon was the last time for a long time that I'll have to shop for a bathing suit. Although I also wasted the better part of Monday reviewing every piece of women's swimwear in Tillicum Mall.

At the moment, this industry seems to offer no middle ground between strings and triangles, or full-pieces with obnoxious ruffly skirts. No comfort, no support. I'm trying not to see bathing suits as an allegory for women's lives, but I'm failing.