20 August 2007

Again, the importance of independent media...

I was disturbed, but sadly, not shocked to read an article on a local blog this past weekend outlining the firing of a local news editor, seemingly as a result of an advertiser complaint.

I didn't know this editor myself other than having sent a few press releases to his desk, but I sympathize deeply with anyone who lost their livelihood in the course of simply trying to be a good journalist.

Read the story at:

I was equally disturbed by a story I saw on The National last week.

In an era where bloggers are now being sued for no more than linking to a sensitive story, I'm linking to the articles above, aware of possible repercussions and not feeling too free to express myself.

When journalists can be fired based on advertiser complaints (provided there were no other factors) and bloggers can be sued for their personal opinions, we're living in scary times for free speech in Canada.

The majority of my blog flies under the radar consisting of random reflections, mediocre art and photography, personal news and bits of fluff. However, I do like to get political from time to time. I've never been afraid to until now.

I hope Canadian bloggers all come out of this transition as stronger, bolder, more empowered writers. I hope.