27 August 2007

Indoor iceberg

If you're a Victoria resident or if you'll be over on the Island any time soon, check out the Titanic exhibit at the Royal BC Museum. You've got loads of time - it's there until October 14.

I saw the exhibit with some friends this past Sunday and it was pretty well worth the price of admission. I say 'pretty well' because I think $25.50 is exorbitant for a museum ticket.

However, redeeming the admission price, I found the interiors duplicated and the artifacts displayed engaging and informative. Towards the end, survivor accounts, a miniature iceberg (visitors place their hands on the block until the cold is painful to simulate a fraction of the water temperature that night) and a computer-simulated version of the collision and sinking were very moving.

Front - Replica boarding passes
were handed out by museum attendants

Back - The information of one passenger,
including a bit of back story, could be verified on a
wall of perished vs. survivors at the end of the exhibit