31 October 2007

Nutrition, Adbusters style

Jeff will be pleased to know his favourite yogurt rates highest on a new nutrition-oriented grocer chain's rating scale. Though it also frightens me (Happy Halloween by the way) that the average person needs a rating scale to know that broccoli is healthier than potato chips (trans-fat-free or otherwise). Read Adbusters' article on this Eastern US supermarket chain.

Hannaford Guides Consumers

Hannaford Supermarkets

30 October 2007

The worst places to live... literally

Here's a disturbing list that's worth reviewing. The next time your city or neighbourhood doesn't look so hot, think about coughing up tangible smog or ingesting carcinogenic heavy metals. In Canada, we just don't see anything even approaching the pollution levels in these cities.

Read about the top ten most polluted cities in the world at:

Time Magazine

The Blacksmith Institute

21 October 2007

Bill Maher ejects rowdies in the audience

I thought this was pretty funny. Yet, sad for the protesters who don't realize how immature and ignorant they come across (even when you can't really hear what they're saying) in their jabs at a public and political figure already thoroughly opposed to right wing and neoconservative ideology.

Happy Sunday morning

20 October 2007

So much for concert tickets

Like everyone else I know who had their heart set on the upcoming TOOL concert, I'm now disappointed. It sounds like tickets were sold out in a little over 20 minutes. Apparently there are no other West Coast stops on their tour and the Victoria concert was likely targeted by many thousands of people in both Vancouver and Seattle.

I'm as disappointed in the band for not adequately accommodating demand as I am in the general bad luck that led to half an hour of, "We're sorry, all circuits are busy. Please try your call again later," accompanied by, "Connecting..." in a browser tab.

16 October 2007

TOOL is coming to Victoria!

I'm a happy woman. A group of us will of course be heading to the concert, but I thought I'd post a video for anyone also planning to hit the Save-On arena on December 1st. Or anyone sorry they can't make it.

12 October 2007


Surfing a marketing blog at work, I came across this new Dove ad. The last time I mentioned Dove was over two years ago to question whether or not a mega corporation in the beauty industry has the capacity to act as a feminist agent for change.

I'm still not sure, but I'm still pleased to see their efforts. However, that sentiment is based on the positive hope that their campaign is a genuine effort to change their industry, not a trendy marketing ploy to tap into progressive body image ideology.

And on a totally different note, I've been meaning to post the video for God's Gonna Cut You Down from American V: A Hundred Highways - Johnny Cash's last album. No particular reason; it's just been on my mind lately.

02 October 2007

Stale but tasty CAKE

I'm notoriously bad at keeping tabs on new releases from my favourite bands. So I was pleasantly surprised to discover that CAKE has a new album out, but not at all shocked to be a little slow on the uptake.

It's called B-Sides and Rarities and was released this past July. But if you're a fan and you're at all interested, you probably already know that. Maybe I'll start reading their news page. An unlikely prospect, but I always plan to read more than I ever get to.

Favourite CAKE lyrics:

"Doesn't matter if you're skinny, doesn't matter if you're fat.
You can dress up like a sultan in your onion head hat.
We are building a religion. We are making a brand.
We're the only ones to turn to when your castles turn to sand."

- Comfort Eagle