30 October 2007

The worst places to live... literally

Here's a disturbing list that's worth reviewing. The next time your city or neighbourhood doesn't look so hot, think about coughing up tangible smog or ingesting carcinogenic heavy metals. In Canada, we just don't see anything even approaching the pollution levels in these cities.

Read about the top ten most polluted cities in the world at:

Time Magazine

The Blacksmith Institute


  1. Wow,I knew there would be lots in China and Russia, but the one in DZERZINSK, RUSSIA, was pretty bad. Neuro toxins 17 million times the safe limit, man, I'm glad I don't live there.

  2. I'm usually the last person to nag, but Dan, how come you stopped blogging? I know pretty well everone has jumped ship to Facebook, but it makes me sad :(

  3. Ya, it makes me sad too.
    I don't know, most people stopped to go to Facebook, and I guess I lost interest.
    But I still have my blog, so maybe soon I'll start posting again.