02 December 2007

Seat ninjas

The awesomeness of last night's TOOL concert hasn't worn off on me and probably won't for some time. Amplified by the fact that I woke up yesterday morning beyond bitter that I wouldn't be going.

After making plans to meet up with someone (who already had tickets) after the concert, my friend Danielle called me up and said, "Hey, this is stupid; we'll be going to hang out with a bunch of people who just saw TOOL when we didn't. Let's just go low-ball some scalpers." And we didn't pay much more than the ticket price. Danielle is such a good friend :)

We even had half decent seats, although the SaveOn Arena is just too small for nosebleed seats. That said, we did pull a seat ninja act and found some bar stools and tables in an unticketed section way closer to the stage. I could see the tips of Maynard's mohawk and the rims of his sunglasses until one of the arena staff found us about halfway through.

These guys are definitely kings of the instrumental and last night's concert was officially the best live show I've ever seen for special effects. From the light and sound tribute to Close Encounters of the Third Kind to the full-stage projection effects, the whole night rocked!

(Note: this is not an official video, but I wanted to post something off 10,000 Days)

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