23 January 2008


I've been hearing this new one from the White Stripes on the radio quite a bit lately, so I looked it up on handy YouTube. And I have to admit, the song gave me more of a Middle-Eastern vibe than Spanish, so I was surprised to see a video about a matador. But then again, that's what I like the White Stripes for - surprises.

21 January 2008

Cloverfield and Juno

Sucked and rocked respectively. Unfortunately, some good friends of ours spent a certificate to get us all tickets to Cloverfield. Fortunately, I was along for the movie to visit with my friends once more before they moved out of town. (Which I hope went well.)

It wasn't so much that the monster movie sucked, it was more that the idea wasn't implemented properly. It shouldn't have been filmed as a Blair Witch knockoff and there should have been some form of backstory on the monster. I've been learning a lot about the importance of backstory lately and I firmly believe it could have turned the lemon that was Cloverfield into a kickass movie.

Juno, on the other hand, was quirky and beautiful. Someone met and captured the kid I used to be. (Without the teen pregnancy part.) I felt validated by a brave examination of a real, meaningful teen character. I highly recommend Juno, so I won't ruin it for anyone by going into too much detail here.



16 January 2008

Cameras on the bus

While reading an article on public surveillance this afternoon, I reassured myself that Victoria was still outside the reach of urban 'big-brother' devices. At least as far as I knew. So I was surprised to look up on the bus this evening and see four cameras installed around the roof of the #11 I was on.

I'm pretty sure I don't want them there. I've been riding the bus in Victoria for over a decade and never once felt unsafe. Not even late at night and/or after a trip to a pub or bar. Now, I just feel unnerved and creeped out.

I'll Be Watching You:

Camera 1

Camera 2

12 January 2008

Trees on triangle canvases

Sadly, but not surprisingly, I discovered this evening that deviantART does not support png files very well. I know IE 6 doesn't really either, but I like transparency enough to let people catch up when they will. So - because I can - here are two acrylic canvases I played with today. The canvases are triangles, so I think the digital version should be too.



09 January 2008

Pipin and the camera phone

I have to contradict the theme of my last post by latching onto one mild disclaimer (see: "I am by no means blame-free in the world of consumption") in order to post the pic below of my new favourite living thing.

What my Mom got for Christmas was a rescued kitten. But the picture below was taken with what I got - a new camera phone. I know it's painfully trendy to get a phone for Christmas, but I don't care. The phone is cool.

Pipin the kitten

Phone aside, it's a heartbreaking shame that something awful had to happen to her in order for the little trouble-making fuzzball to end up under my parents' tree, but it's the beginning of a lifetime of spoiling for Pipin.

01 January 2008

Stuff for Christmas

I love Christmas. And I'm not just saying that. I love waking up to a tower of pine and tinsel lit by blue pre-dawn light. I love the glow of red, white, green and yellow bulbs on blankets of snow. I love gingerbread, eggnog, turkey and stuffing. My favourite part of Christmas is that wherever I am, whatever I'm doing, all my friends and family (more or less) throw responsibility and schedules to the wind and come together.

However, I am my father's daughter when it comes to Christmas consumption. The financial and physical waste from escalating consumerism bothers us both. A lot. In spite of (what I think is) a healthy sense of generosity, like years before, I found myself frustrated at gift-giving obligations this year.

Staring back and forth, up and down rows and rows of products on shelves in store after store, all I could think of was the homemade doll stores from my childhood, filled with cheap plastic product replicas.

Still, I do have a lamentable love for fashion, jewellery, decor and spa, while working weekdays in a marketing department. I am by no means blame-free in the world of consumption year-round. So while I hang out between my rock and hard place, I was pleased to come across a web site that more rationally and objectively outlines the life of 'INSERT WIDGET HERE' instead of vaguely whining like I do.

If you're feeling a tad detached and frustrated after the holidays, read about the Story of Stuff at: