20 February 2008

Not unpleasantly cold

Weather is a hot topic of conversation in Victoria and all around the West Coast virtually any day of the year. We all feel we've made some level of sacrifice to move to or continue to build our lives in a part of the country fraught with over-priced real estate and high cost of living.

So when Old Man Winter dares to touch our territory with so much as a pinky finger, we're agitated - even outraged. After 2007 saw a grim summer (at least it seemed like it) and a snowier, colder winter than we're used to, many of us were feeling mutinous. (Although I'm sure the prairie and East Coast folks feel an understandably low level of sympathy.)

Today is one of those days - a mid-February day - when I am completely certain that our balmy spring-like weather (10°C and sunny as I write) is that sunshine tax pays for. Now if it just happened more often...