05 February 2008

A word on the new look

If you've been here before, you're probably noticing that I've recently renovated.

I've been meaning to update the design of both my web site and blog to integrate the two sites more smoothly. Yet, I wanted a design that fit my personality and my work. To do this, I knew the coding was beyond my skill to create, so I've used an opensource xml template.

Life gets busy, so its great to keep things simple - which is what I'm going for here. I'd invite feedback, but as the design isn't mine, there's not much I can incorporate in the way of changes.

That said, please let me know if you see anything sketchy in terms of font, (eg. I'm still smoothing out the nav font size for consistency) graphics, layout or anything you think isn't being rendered properly on your computer.

If there are too many bugs, I'll likely revert to the old blog and previous incarnation of my personal site, so I need the bad news as much as the good.

In the meantime - thanks for visiting!