21 April 2008

Launch date set for Watching July

I'm excited to announce that the launch date for my first novel, Watching July is May 30th here in Victoria! Please visit me on Facebook or view the pdf below for all the details.

Invitation to the launch for Watching July

11 April 2008

I love Live Trace!

And you should too if you work with Adobe Illustrator. I've been using Adobe Creative Suite for several years now - Photoshop and various Macromedia products for much, much longer. But as long as I can remember, vector files and any occasion to work with Illustrator used to make me grouchy. That's my polite way of putting it.

However, now that I've discovered Live Trace (and practical applications for it not shown here) I am a happy woman. Ever needed to convert a low res logo to line art and felt an aneurysm coming on? No more. And in my (limited) spare time, I've been clicking my way to a converting old low res or not zoomed enough photos to pseudo-impressionist images. Check out the side bar and/or my DeviantART gallery to see the damage.

06 April 2008

Polaroid instant film going the way of the dodo

As soon as I heard that Polaroid was stopping production on it's world-famous instant film, I felt sad. Although there are many die-hard fans who are more distraught, I will miss it.

I have to concede that between the bulky chemical laden prints and the battery-included film cartridges, Polaroid's instant film could be the most environmentally unfriendly film on the market.

Still, the whirring snap of an instant photo sticking like a tongue out of one of those distinctive cameras, to me, is a piece of nostalgia.

And I knew I had to get in on some of the last of it. Even grabbed some for my Dad too, although he may be more interested in his new DSLR for the foreseeable future.

So, new (used) camera and film in hand (both from eBay; local stores are sold out) I started snapping last night and continued this morning:

    Galloping Goose Footbridge

      Under the Highway

        Creek Current

          Reflection on the Colquitz

            The Neighbours' Yard

              Mannequin Vanity

                (slightly out of focus)

                For the whole scoop, here's a recent CBC story from February 24:

                01 April 2008

                In the tiniest ring

                I came across a web site via my regular Tyee reading that I haven't been able to get off my mind. It's called Japanesebugfights.com and not surprisingly (in addition to banner ads) they host pre-recorded bug fight videos. All seem to go until death, although I have to admit, I wasn't able to sit through many (none involving spiders).

                Normally, for anything available as an embedded video, I would post a sample here. Since I haven't made up my mind as to how I feel about this practice, I'm simply inviting you to read the article and visit the bug battling web site for yourself. But be warned - it's been over 24 hours and I'm still unnerved by the experience.

                Bug Fights, Hot Trend