28 July 2008

The All-Seeing-Bow and other oddities

No idea why this hadn't occurred to me when I first made them, but over the weekend, I decided to add some craft pics to my deviantART page. Check them out here.

DA takes all kinds of jewellery and crafts, so I think I'll add a few more homemade accessories soon.

15 July 2008

More on cell phones

Like my post from May 25, the video below is a trick, apparently done by removing a microwave component.

Still, it makes me glad that I don't spend much time on my phone. I'm not really a phone person in general, so I wouldn't be worried anyway.

Now if they tell me computer monitors or laptops can pop kernels, then I'll lose some sleep for sure.

01 July 2008

A blurry bookshelf

It sounds silly, but one of my personal benchmarks has always been finding a book I'd written on a shelf in a major book store.

My moment happened last Friday when I popped into the Chapters on Douglas Street in downtown Victoria. (I'm also aware that realistically, this matters only to me and a small circle of family and friends.)

YA shelf in the basement of Chapters

Nonetheless, I grinned openly walking back to work after taking a blurry picture with my camera phone of Watching July on the shelf.

(And no, unlike Carrie Bradshaw in her latest film outing, I did not swap my book for one on prominent display. I'm also pretty shy when it comes to stuff like that.)

I've since found it at Bolen Books and the Coles at Tillicum Mall. So for everyone who's been asking, yes July is in book stores.

I would have uploaded this photo and post earlier, but I've recently become addicted to Rock Band. Specifically the drums.