26 August 2008

A sunny day and a Dark Knight

Jeff and have I decided that, overall, the glass was half full for our wedding on Saturday. Sure, BC Ferries' latest disaster scratched our family dinner the night before and sent our out of town guests fleeing before dawn the day after.

But we had beautiful weather for the outdoor ceremony. (Unlike the couple after us, whose Sunday wedding was driven under the Inn's covered parking by the rain.)

The food was great and we were happy to see our friends and family. We had spectacular photos too. (Go check out our photographer Dani's web site at daniboynton.com.)

So after a day of quiet rain, on Monday we got around to something we've been meaning to do all summer. We went to see The Dark Knight. Both Jeff and I enjoyed the movie, but for my part, I'd expected to be 'wowed' from start to finish.

I suppose it's ironic to watch a supremely hyped movie right after your wedding. And silly to expect anything other than a morning-after-Christmas sigh at the end.

20 August 2008

Riding the bus with Ricky and Julian

Stressed and grouchy, I got on the bus after work today to run yet another wedding errand before the big day this Saturday. Then two reasonably clean-cut guys, wedged into the space I next to where I was unhappily standing. They were certainly the most interesting characters I've had the pleasure of overhearing on the bus in the last few months.

The gravelly-sounding labourers looked like they'd just gotten off work too, loudly talking about their plans for the weekend, specifically drugs, bars, dates, dating online, and their current women - that they'd met online.

Then it took an interesting turn. They started talking about how and when they own up to their past prison terms. The taller white T-shirt favoured hesitating until it was worth getting into. The blue T-shirt preferred to postpone owning up to smoking, while he thought it was essential to put his conviction history on the table immediately. As I listened to his logic about not wanting to lie, I wondered what he'd done to wind up in prison.

I also wondered, pending nuptials aside of course, if single, would I ever consider dating a guy who'd been to prison? Even if I wasn't looking for a lasting relationship? Would I ever use an online dating service in the first place? These kinds of thoughts don't cross my mind often. But when they do, Jeff looks better and better every time.

10 August 2008

Top 10 Reasons I travel with books

Although I've travelled with pocket games, mp3 players and laptops, I always make a point of having at least one book because they:

10. Are available in handy shapes and sizes
9. Can be fairly affordable
8. Often have beautiful covers (and/or illustrations inside)
7. Don't interfere with ship/plane operations
6. Have no start-up or shut-down delays
5. Rarely prevent you from hearing announcements (and/or alarms)
4. Are never interrupted by pop up ads or commercials
3. Give you a solid excuse to glare at loud talkers
2. Never run out of batteries
1. Are always better than the movie

"Here we just sell small rectangular objects; they're called books.They require a little effort on your part and make no be-be-be-beeps."

- Carl Conrad Coreander