26 August 2008

A sunny day and a Dark Knight

Jeff and have I decided that, overall, the glass was half full for our wedding on Saturday. Sure, BC Ferries' latest disaster scratched our family dinner the night before and sent our out of town guests fleeing before dawn the day after.

But we had beautiful weather for the outdoor ceremony. (Unlike the couple after us, whose Sunday wedding was driven under the Inn's covered parking by the rain.)

The food was great and we were happy to see our friends and family. We had spectacular photos too. (Go check out our photographer Dani's web site at daniboynton.com.)

So after a day of quiet rain, on Monday we got around to something we've been meaning to do all summer. We went to see The Dark Knight. Both Jeff and I enjoyed the movie, but for my part, I'd expected to be 'wowed' from start to finish.

I suppose it's ironic to watch a supremely hyped movie right after your wedding. And silly to expect anything other than a morning-after-Christmas sigh at the end.