21 September 2008

Nine Inch Nails @ Save On

NIИ must have known that this December 5th was my 30th birthday, because they picked that date to come to Victoria for the first time. Thanks Trent!

However, unlike the heartache that ensued after failing to get tickets to the December 1, 2007 TOOL concert, I've already got my seats sorted (good ones at that) for the big event. Woot! (You can't see me dancing, but I'm doing the victory hip-bump.)

Although I really should stop stewing about the TOOL sellout, since I did actually get to go. Just seems somewhat undignified, yelling at a crowd for second-hand tickets. (Actually Dani did that, but I braved the cold too.)

So I'm a happy woman. 2008 is still a sweet year. Let's hope it stays that way!