29 October 2008

Moonbeam Gold Medal!

On Friday, October 24, I got the amazing news that Watching July won a Gold Medal from Independent Publisher's 2008 Moonbeam Children's Book Awards.

I was already very excited to be shortlisted for such an awesome prize, dedicated to promoting independently published, new and unknown authors.

Big, big, huge thank you to Jennifer, Lois, Dayle, Liz and all the ladies at Sumach Press who helped make July as successful as she's been so far!

14 October 2008

Moonbeams, Kenya, and a national election

Today was certainly an interesting day. I found out that Watching July has been shortlisted for a Moonbeam Award. Good news for a first novel!

I also had a less pleasant email notifying me that the December SLS Kenya writing workshops (which I've been ranting about to everyone) has been cancelled by the organizers.

I'm glad I got the good email first; I was in just the right mood to offset the Kenya cancellation. Balance in the universe, at least today, seems to be functioning just fine. Let's hope economies everywhere will follow.

On a brighter note, I expect my Kenya airfare credit will put a reasonable dent in the yet-unplanned honeymoon Jeff and I are in desperate need of. Stay tuned for that one :)

Distracted as I am today, I still made it out for the all-important Federal vote. I've been telling family, friends, and co-workers, "Even if we don't agree, just please get out and vote."

So, from this slightly confused author and would-be adventurer, happy Election Day! (Despite the fact that it seems not much has actually changed on that front.)