30 November 2008

A non-precious project

I've been sketching a bit over the last two weeks (when not crafting wire rings) for two reasons.

The first and most prominent is that I set out to attend a graphic novel workshop which I had to excuse myself from due to a sudden and unpleasant stomach bug. I was quite looking forward to hearing what instructor Sarah Leavitt had to share and very sad to have to bow out.

The second reason I've been sketching is that I expect to be busy this winter and it occurred to me that I should do something visually creative in my spare time before I'm back to being completely absorbed in writing.

Hence the following characters coming into rough focus:



Pamela, AKA "Willow"

One of the few bits of wisdom I managed to glean from Sarah - before nausea demanded that I depart the room - was that it's okay to be "non-precious" with drawings.

I'm a tiny bit of a perfectionist, so it's hard for me to just bowl through something. I haven't thrown anything together anything since I was in high school - either sketching for a scheduled art class (or doodling in the margins of a notebook mentally skipping some other class).

So you'll notice that the drawings both above and below (old art projects) are of the "non-precious" category. I hope to explore this concept further as I find it very liberating.