27 January 2009

Moonbeams and the ALA in Denver

Denver was a blast and I've got fresh pics to share! Again, big thanks to everyone at Sumach Press and the Moonbeam Awards.

I'll keep it short and sweet today and let the pics speak for themselves. (Including a few Polaroids for you fellow retro fans.)

Moonbeam books on display at the ALA exhibit floor

Me with Jim Barnes, Managing Editor & Awards Director, Independent Publisher

The Denver skyline from the Ramada Midtown

Denver's Six Flags behind the South Platte River

The Children's Museum, venue for the Moonbeam Awards

17 January 2009

Adventures in Geekery

I'm really pretty sure I'm part geek. I've known that for a long time, but sometimes you have an "ah-ha" moment, which I did halfway through season three of The IT Crowd on Friday.

Was it enough that I was watching a show about geeks on a Friday night? Nope; it was the moment when Jeff pointed out a desktop USB controlled missile launcher on the character Roy's desk and told me we could buy one online.

I immediately found a very similar product and started browsing through www.thinkgeek.com, which I had to equally quickly leave before I spent hundreds of dollars I don't have on stuff I don't need.

While we're talking about geekery, why not revisit my love of Live Trace? If you end up stuck with some lame cell phone pictures (in this case, Jeff snapping away at the NIИ concert in December), try plugging them into illustrator and turning them into abstract art. It's one of the few uses I could think of.

14 January 2009

Art & Retail Therapies

I can't speak for everyone, but I know resorting to retail therapy is pretty common these days.

Bad day at work? Go shopping. Big disappointment? Hit the mall and buy something pretty. And although that sounds gender-based, I'm sure men get sucked into retail therapy too.

But my recent surge into my jewellery-making hobby has revealed something wholly unexpected; my personal cure for the retail-rut blues.

Sitting down to turn junk into jewellery seems to stop the gap I used to fill with random, mass-produced trinkets, clothes, etc.

It made even more sense having recently read one of the SideStreets novels in the series I'll be adding to this fall.

"Making things helps." - Scarred, Monique Polak

I think Wikipedia should add jewellery to it's definition of Art Therapy.

06 January 2009

Lorimer and Etsy

Long time, no blog, eh? Well here I am, back after my break with what I think are some interesting developments to show for it.

First, I'm excited to let everyone know that my second novel will be coming out in Fall 2009 in the SideStreets series published by James Lorimer & Company Ltd. The title is still being bounced around, but I'll post updates here when I can.

Second, I'm almost as excited that I've finally got all my bits and baubles up into my Etsy store. If you don't know what Etsy is, or if you're a fan of steampunk and eccentric goodies, definitely check it out.