14 January 2009

Art & Retail Therapies

I can't speak for everyone, but I know resorting to retail therapy is pretty common these days.

Bad day at work? Go shopping. Big disappointment? Hit the mall and buy something pretty. And although that sounds gender-based, I'm sure men get sucked into retail therapy too.

But my recent surge into my jewellery-making hobby has revealed something wholly unexpected; my personal cure for the retail-rut blues.

Sitting down to turn junk into jewellery seems to stop the gap I used to fill with random, mass-produced trinkets, clothes, etc.

It made even more sense having recently read one of the SideStreets novels in the series I'll be adding to this fall.

"Making things helps." - Scarred, Monique Polak

I think Wikipedia should add jewellery to it's definition of Art Therapy.