12 February 2009

Balancing books

Reading a recent post over at the Y-Eh! blog got me to thinking - again - about what it means to be a working author. And by that I mean an author who earns her living by means other than her books. I expect about 99% of us have day jobs to pay the bills.

Some of those jobs involve writing, some don't. Even within the YA world, authors have diverse backgrounds, but North American authors overall write in a huge range of genres and sub-genres, all for different reasons.

But all our jobs (in fairness to companies and co-workers) require our undivided attention for anywhere between eight to 10 hours each weekday - more or less depending on your 'other' profession.

Aside from a memorable (to me) Quill & Quire post, I've read very little about how other writers feel about this. Obviously there isn't a one-size-fits-all solution.

I love to write, but find myself constantly juggling to make it work. So, I'm curious, how do other writers feel about their work/life/writing balance?