23 March 2009

To diversify or not to diversify

A few things have landed on my desk recently that, due to their dramatic differences, reminded me just how diverse the profession of 'writing' is.

I've always bounced between business communication, journalism, marketing, and more recently, fiction. As I endeavour to concurrently write a magazine feature, create a volume of product copy, and during the day, write ads and web content, I wonder if I stretch myself too thin, diversifying too far as a writer.

My question to the writing world today is, does a writer's work benefit from writing in different areas? Or should she stick to one form of writing and become a master in order to produce her best work?

08 March 2009

Live, from Victoria, it's ...

No, I'm not reading anything - yet. But if you're browsing through some of my latest pieces on deviantART, you'll notice that they're not also on my Etsy site.

That's because Side Show Clothing here in Victoria, BC is now carrying a selection of my jewellery, so for any locals wanting to check them out in person, you can find them at 559 Johnson Street.

Having taken the step to in-person retail, I'm now extremely nervous, but I expect this project will continue evolving overall.

Feedback (restricted to happy thoughts if possible) is, of course, much appreciated.

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