10 May 2009

A bit of press, new goodies and a holiday

Ever since I started getting relatively serious with my jewellery crafting hobby, I find myself thinking two things. Firstly, I love making jewellery. Secondly, I really need to get back to writing.

However, a visit to Side Show Clothing yesterday put a fresh bit of press on my radar; not for my writing, but for my jewellery. The Times Colonist published a piece about handmade fashion in Victoria and my jewellery got a small shout. Click the thumbnail below for the full article.

Made in Victoria

So I think I'll let myself indulge along this side road a little longer. Today, I'm sharing a few new pieces I'm genuinely delighted with. They aren't posted on my Etsy store yet, but will be as soon as I'm back from my upcoming holiday.

I'm not a daily blogger, so my absence won't cause too much of a ripple here, but anyone looking for SleeplessStoryteller's Bits & Baubles will find it offline until I come back on June 4.

Steampunk Spy Camera Pendant

Winding Web Flycatcher Necklace

I hope someone gets as excited about these new designs as I did. The spy camera in particular really tickled me and I'm pretty sure I can make other variations.

I'll be sure to post some Manchester and Edinburgh pictures next month too!

PS: I recently learned to use a Dremel rotary cutting tool, so funky smaller motor windings will soon be showing up on earrings and pendants. Soldering is next!