28 June 2009

Interesting custom order

I had my first online custom request last weekend (the same weekend as the events of my previous post!) and I just wrapped everything up today. I had done a commission awhile back, but it was less formal.

This order was interesting because I was asked to duplicate one of my other necklaces, to create a pair of symbolic gifts to give to two friends celebrating a joint milestone birthday.

Given the type of jewellery I create, a duplication is nearly impossible. Fortunately this was a very open-minded customer who embraced my suggestion of creating a 'sister' piece. Ironically, the original necklace was already an adaptation of a brooch I sold locally.

Time Flies Sister Necklaces

(Original black "Time Flies Necklace" on the right, custom sister on the left.)

Coming off a wave of stressful, time-crunched copy editing on the proof of my next novel, it was a nice change of pace. (And yes, I still have a full-time job and a remote semblance of a social life.)

20 June 2009

New goodies at Sideshow

I had a very productive Saturday, so I thought I'd share some new jewellery with the blogosphere. They weren't made today, but are available in downtown Victoria as of this afternoon.

I've been getting a bit more elaborate, so the first few pics are of the same pieces from different angles.

Cameo Clockworks Necklace

Copper Creation Set

Purple Passion Set

Cameo Brooch

Hard Drive Hoops - Long

Winding Earrings

HDD Arm Charmed

14 June 2009

UK part 2: Edinburgh

Even as I type this post, it occurs to me that sharing photos on my blog (when it's much easier to create a Facebook album) is not the most efficient, desirable way to do this.

That said, I've already edited the photos (and my sister already created a Facebook album of our trip), so in chronological order, here are a few snaps from my recent stay in Edinburgh:

Morton Hall
Not quite as expansive as Tatton Park, but infinitely more impressive than my tiny little condo

Aberdour Beach
Sarah and our second cousin on The Silver Sands Beach

Edinburgh Castle
The windy hilltop castle overlooking the city

Scottish Crown Jewels
A very long line for jewels less impressive than the collection at the Tower of London

Rosslyn Chapel
The fabled potential home of the Holy Grail

Rosslyn Carving
Inspirational carving on a memorial on the Chapel grounds

Sisters at Rosslyn
Sarah and I by the main entrance

Burrell Archway
One of many preserved castle archways in the Burrell Collection

Traquair House
The oldest inhabited house in Scotland (with a world-famous brewery)

Traquair Maze
Charming maze with four subsections around a wooden sculpture at the centre

09 June 2009

UK part 1: Manchester

Getting settled into daily life after a long break is always tough for me. Especially when that break involved some interesting travel - this time it was Manchester and Edinburgh. It helps to sift through photos.

I'm still processing much of the trip as it was a more family-oriented visit than my 2003 London and Edinburgh visit. So rather than rambling any further, here are a few snaps from our first leg in Manchester:

Tatton Park
I love these estates that make me feel like a Jane Austen character

MOSI: The Baby
Replica of a computer from 1948

MOSI: Rail
Steam engine

MOSI: Power Hall
Steam machine

Chester Amphitheatre
Ancient Roman Ruins

Shrine to Nemesis, the goddess of fate and divine vengeance.

Roman Heating System
Probably a good spot on a cold night.

Tower Foundation
Roadside ruins are the norm here.

St. John the Baptist's Church
Cathedral dating back to the 13th century

Ruins at St. John's
Hmmm... nice setting. Will have to use this some day.

Stay tuned (or bear with me) for more vacation photos from Edinburgh. More posted on my deviantART page.