27 July 2009

DIY enamel

I've been getting ridiculously frustrated with sourcing vintage enamel recently.

For most of my jewellery, I start with junk, then see what I can make. But for some pieces, I want a few special touches and I need outside supplies.

And sometimes once I've got those supplies, I get inspired to make something from scratch. Most of my flowers and butterflies fall under the 'supply' category.

Last week, while browsing online for some economical enameled flowers (in vintage jewellery or as loose charms) - and finding the selection slim and overpriced - it occurred to me, "Why can't I just do this myself?" And it turns out I could.

Butterflies previously silver-toned, flowers previously brass

So for all the other crafters out there finding enamel charms getting rarer and more expensive, hit the nearest hobby shop and pick up a jar of paint for $2.50. You'll never catch yourself trolling eBay again. (Well, not for enamel flowers.)

Now for the rosary upcycle. I wouldn't classify the rosary as junk. But as it wasn't going to serve either of its original purposes - of garnering a donation or as a prayer guide. So it became two new things.

Butterfly statement necklace with watch parts and Lucite flowers

Locket necklace, brass and red aluminum

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