05 July 2009

Rosary beads and claymation

Before Jeff and I went camping this weekend at Sombrio Beach, we received an interesting promotional item in the mail.

A church from Ontario mailed "Jeff Hart" (by the way, I love it when people employ variable data and give Jeff my name) a rosary with a personalized keepsake bag. The purpose for this gift was outlined in the accompanying letter soliciting donations.

It's not possible that this church knew, but Jeff was raised as a Catholic - although I don't think he was interested in the beads.

Regardless of what I think about a church soliciting donations outside its membership, I find it fascinating that this group took it upon themselves to reduce - what for many is a valued holy object - to the significance of a key chain or magnet.

I, however, will make use of the rosary. Look for red rosary beads to show up in a necklace and earring set in my store. (I will recycle anything and everything is fair game.)

On a mildly related note, I sat down to watch a favourite Primus video on YouTube this afternoon after we got home. While camping, Jeff and I listened to an old punk and metal mix of mine and I remembered how cool their claymation videos were (and still are).

I'm always impressed by bands that enhance a distinctive sound by adding equally unique imagery. Even when they're covering another band.