16 February 2010

Are computer parts safe to wear?

It's a good question and I've been fielding it verbally for a few months now, so I thought I'd address it online as well.

What most of us are generally aware of is that technological waste is becoming a problem in India, China, Africa, and other places we've shipped waste to in the past. What's not as well known is exactly what computer parts are harmful.

Most of the harmful chemicals found in computers are in older monitors, but some chemicals can be found in chips fixed to older motherboards, sound cards, and video cards. Recycling those components for the trace metals of value can release many harmful chemicals in the process.

More details at: www.greencitizen.com/toxics_inside.php

As I'm aware of this, the parts I use in my jewellery are drawn from newer computers. Sadly, we're going through more upgrades more often as technology marches forward, creating a constant surplus of components like hard drives and DVD ROMs.

The hard disk drive arms I use are usually solid aluminum but for the odd bit of copper and plastic. My motor windings are made mostly with copper and steel, sometimes including magnets on the larger components.

So my components are generally green aside from the fact that they're being discarded too frequently. I don't break up any chips or treat anything with heat.

Bottom line, yes, all my jewellery is safe - including the computer part pieces.

If you have a question about computer parts or any other recycled materials used in my jewellery and accessories, please shout it out. If I don't have the answer on hand, I'll be sure to track it down.

11 February 2010

The Sunshine Blog Award

This past Wednesday, I received the Sunshine Award for inspiring blogs from Joylene Nowell Butler.

Thanks Joylene, I'm flattered and I enjoy your posts too! So, in keeping with the spirit of the gesture, I'm passing it on to another group of bloggers who all inspire me in different ways.

It took me a few days to organize my list, but here are my nominations:

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