24 March 2010

Visiting Vernon

They say you can never go home again. A long time ago I discovered that 'they' were right and that when and if you return to your home town, you'll never find things as you left them.

When you go home outside the holiday season, you're the only one doing so at that particular time. Your friends are grown and gone, shops and restaurants have changed, leaving you slightly unfulfilled in terms of nostalgia and social connection.

Nevertheless, I love going home for visits because fortunately, some things never change - or take a really, really long time to. I do cheesy stuff like walk on my favourite beaches and drive around to viewpoints in the valley.

And sometimes friends move back. I'm now at the age where people come full circle, returning home to raise their own kids. I'm not there yet, but it's interesting to watch these changes unfolding and accepting that life only moves in one direction.