29 April 2010

A new design to fiddle with

If you're a regular visitor reading this blog post, you've already noticed the change in scenery. If you're new to my blog, I should explain that I do this once every few years.

This morning, I started to fiddle with the style sheet for my old template. Sometimes it's like picking at a paint flake, driving the obsessive compulsive inside to make one more change, and another, and another, until you get out the sandpaper.

Changing your web site is a lot easier than repainting your apartment (well, depending on what your web site actually does). But my little corner of the web is pretty small, so I'm really just going through a can of paint and a few slip covers for a new look.

Okay, I'm done with the renovation analogy. If you have some thoughts on the new template or find any bugs, please do leave me a comment.

PS: I'm already aware that the image map I'm using for a header doesn't work properly in the blogger version of this template. I'd absolutely love any suggestions on how to remedy that.