14 May 2010

Steampunk coming to Victoria

I can't wait for the Victoria Steam Expo coming up on May 22nd and 23rd! Steampunk fans will be coming from far and wide to the delightfully elegant Empress Hotel.

And I'll be at there with partner in crime Rad Juli. I've been stockpiling like mad, creating pendants, earrings, and rings exclusively for this event. My inspirations have been, of course, steam-powered machinery, but also celestial imagery, robotics, and even fairytales.

Celestial Creations

Heavy-Duty Designs

Steampunk Characters

Industrial Rings

Pendant Multiples

I've also added an individual item gallery to my Baubles' Facebook page.

For those of you that can't make it into town, check out my Etsy store in the weeks following for a flood of new steampunk items.

I'm also re-sharing a few steam-powered pics from my 2009 visit to Manchester and MOSI.

MOSI: The Baby
Replica of a computer from 1948

MOSI: Rail
Steam engine

MOSI: Power Hall
Steam machine