30 June 2010

Electrons in a low-pressure space

Vacuum or Electron Tubes are one of the most interesting pieces of recycled hardware incorporated into steampunk jewellery. As a supply item, they've eluded me for some time, as my only option was to purchase small overpriced quantities on eBay.

However, I came across a jackpot at a local swap meet recently (photo below) and I'm excited to start designing with them. I have a move coming up soon, so the workshop needs to stay packed for the foreseeable future. So it will take some time, but look for these fascinating bulbs to show up in my designs this fall.

Electron Tubes

In the meantime, anyone in or around Vancouver can check out some of my new steampunk creations at Flaming Angels' table at the VSteam Mini-Con next Saturday July 10th or any other time at their shop on Main Street.