20 November 2010

Burnaby in the snow

We've had some snow on and off for the last few days, but I haven't woken up to a winter wonderland until this morning. Thankfully it's Saturday!

And I remember, once upon a time, living halfway up Silver Star Mountain ...

Back Yard (Burnaby)

Front Yard (New West)


  1. I took one look at your pix and thought brrr. Then I looked outside. LOL. Winter is pretty, that's for sure.

    Have a great weekend, Christine.

  2. Anonymous11:14 AM

    Definitely different for Vancouver, but it's very pretty! (Jess)

  3. I bet it's a bit snowier up in Vanderhoof ;) We don't get much snow down here, but I kind of like it that way. When we do get snow, it's a special occasion. And it never lasts long enough to make you grouchy ;)

  4. Had some snow also but not to enough to compare with yours. May get a White Christmas this year for a change. May the joy and peace of the Christ child be the reason for the season for you and yours. Merry Christmas!