19 July 2011

The allure of the market (and my Top 10)

My Top 10 Real & Fictional Markets:
Creative Chaos, Vernon, BC

Faerie Market in Wall (Stardust)

Floating Market (Neverwhere)

Fan Tan Alley, Victoria, BC

Granville Island, Vancouver, BC

Market Square
, Victoria, BC

Moss Street Market, Victoria, BC

Space Port/Station (Firefly)

Troll Market (Hellboy: The Golden Army)

Vancouver Flea Market, Vancouver, BC

After attending the public market at Vancouver's Folk Festival this past weekend, I'm still wondering, what specifically do we love about markets? The atmosphere of chaotic commerce? The feeling of doing business 'off the grid' or at least independently? Or just a magic combination of bizarre knickknacks, trinkets, treasures?

So tell me, why do you love markets?

05 July 2011

Art Attire and nesting syndrome

Steampunk and Trashion Jewellery by Christine Hart
I've finally got some pictures to share from the Art Attire fashion show on June 11 and I know this woefully neglected blog needs some love right now. It's taken me a few weeks to retrieve these photos from my sister's camera and to collect my thoughts a bit.

It was an amazing event, but more generally, I always enjoy attending literary and visual arts events for the chance they offer to see what other like-minded artists are creating. Even just spending a day in your own unique element is always fun.

For example, I reveled in the Victorian splendor that was the Antique Corset Exhibition & Historic Fashion Show at Hycroft Manor here in Vancouver, the weekend right after Art Attire. And I'm looking forward to Word On The Street again this fall.

Gears and Flowers Necklace

But looking at the photos from Art Attire, I think I'm ready to mention here on my blog that I'm expecting a baby this fall. Now that I've mentioned it, take another look at the photo of me standing next to the case.

Yep, that's a bump. It's not my style to do a bump-watch marathon on my Facebook page, but I wouldn't want anyone to mistake that for a lack of excitement on my part. My enthusiasm is always a bit subdued; it's just the nature of my personality.

Rather than write a lengthy introspection (or series of updates) on my bump, baby, and their joint progress, I wanted to share another artist's work, Amy Joy Dyck. Her work spoke to me as soon as I saw it and the prints below now reside on the wall in my workshop.

I highly recommend checking out the rest of her collection on her web site or at her Etsy shop. Her work is funny, provocative, and honest as well as visually engaging. The prints I chose communicated something I haven't been able to put into words, but Amy has been gracious enough to let me share these images here. Thank you Amy!