19 July 2011

The allure of the market (and my Top 10)

My Top 10 Real & Fictional Markets:
Creative Chaos, Vernon, BC

Faerie Market in Wall (Stardust)

Floating Market (Neverwhere)

Fan Tan Alley, Victoria, BC

Granville Island, Vancouver, BC

Market Square
, Victoria, BC

Moss Street Market, Victoria, BC

Space Port/Station (Firefly)

Troll Market (Hellboy: The Golden Army)

Vancouver Flea Market, Vancouver, BC

After attending the public market at Vancouver's Folk Festival this past weekend, I'm still wondering, what specifically do we love about markets? The atmosphere of chaotic commerce? The feeling of doing business 'off the grid' or at least independently? Or just a magic combination of bizarre knickknacks, trinkets, treasures?

So tell me, why do you love markets?