16 September 2012

Summer adventures in BC

I picked up a set of prints today from my family holiday this past August and I thought about this blog. I thought about sharing my experiences travelling from Burnaby to Clearwater to Cluculz Lake to Vernon and back through Princeton.

It makes me smile, in a slightly sad way, to think that small family trips will be the extent of my adventures while my son is young. Not just for financial reasons, but for our family's well being, I don't have immediate plans for us all to get on a plane and go halfway around the world any time soon.

All the same, we had a lovely tour of the BC Interior. We had the chance to introduce Johnathan to family on my side and my husband's. We saw Mount Robson on a spectacularly beautiful day. I finally met Joylene Butler in person. We saw sunsets on Cluculz Lake and visited old friends in Vernon.

Jeff and John enjoying Mount Robson

Now we're home again and Johnathan has started daycare, part-time for now. While I wait to return to work, I'm enjoying a few solo outings before our very busy fall gets underway. Even though I'm stopping to smell the roses, I still like to make my wanderings productive.

If you're in the Vancouver area, you can now find my novels at Brigid's Books. Any trip to Kitsilano should include a stroll down this stretch of West Broadway. It's an adorable neighbourhood, made more picturesque by the first wave of orange leaves on the ground.

Also in Vancouver, the Gastown area is worth a visit. Find my latest electronic and clockwork-inspired creations at Deadly Couture, now with a small logo. Each of my Baubles will now have one these butterflies (in silver or bronze) on clasps or hinges. Look for this new logo popping up in other places as well!