19 May 2014

Writing and re-writing in Gastown

If you've never been to Vancouver's Gastown, I highly recommend it. The neighbourhood is somewhat historic. The boutiques are overpriced - as is the rent. A light smattering of junkies ebb and flow in and out from the stretch of East Hastings west of Main Street.

That said, there is just something about the place. Hipsters and activists and film students and professionals all crisscross paths here. The Harbour Centre tower pops in and out of view, peeking down on the streets like a curious giant. Art seems to be everywhere.

I work a couple of block south of Gastown, so I frequently go for walks in the area. And in spite of being only halfway through a graphic novel I should be devoting all my limited free time on, the neighbourhood has already inspired a new speculative story about a haunted runaway girl. I'll try to keep it on the back burner while I finish the vibrant dystopian sci-fi I started last year.

But stay tuned for updates. They won't be frequent, but they will show up here. Eventually.


Corner of Cambie and Hastings, taken in 2006