14 December 2015

2015 in a nutshell

It's been a wild year for me and my family. It felt wild, anyway. I had a baby, landed a contract, wrote three novels, sent out countless queries (there's a graphic novel in there somewhere if I'm lucky) and planned a trip to Hawaii.

So while I wait for Christmas and my sister's wedding in Hawaii, I thought it would be a good time to take a look back at 2015. And since I'm writing this post with a 10-month-old on my lap, what better time to lean on photos?

 Burnaby, February

Burnaby, March

 Richmond, May

 Paddlewheel Park, June 

 Paddlewheel Park, June

 July = Contract for The Variant Conspiracy
with Soul Mate Publishing!
(setting sneak peeks below)

Victoria's Chinatown 
(In Irina's Cards, Book 1 of The Variant Conspiracy)

 Vancouver Island's wild western coast
(In Irina's Cards, Book 1 of The Variant Conspiracy)

 The Lion's Gate Bridge
(The Compendium, Book 2 of The Variant Conspiracy)

 North Vancouver, August

Shuswap Lake, September

Horseshoe Bay, November 

So that's 2015 in a nutshell for this eccentric thirtysomething mom-of-two. In 2016, look for covers from The Variant Conspiracy, my long awaited NA trilogy, and hopefully updates about another YA title and a MG graphic novel.

13 October 2015

Canadian election blues - and reds and oranges

In my case, it's actually orange. The New Democratic Party aka the NDP. I've never been shy about telling people how I'm voting. I chose a party, not a candidate or a leader. So I usually vote NDP, regardless of where I live or whom my vote will elect (or not). I've voted Liberal and Green in the past. I briefly considered voting Liberal again this October 19th, because I wanted to vote for change more than I wanted to vote for my preferred party. When I read polling data that suggested my local NDP MP would be most likely re-elected, I quickly shifted back to familiar territory.

I'm open to changing up my vote. But I've never voted Conservative. I'm quite sure I never will, but this past election has really opened my eyes, not just about politics, but about how we deal with this topic on an interpersonal level.

I've never voted Conservative and I always thought people who did were rich and entitled and sheltered and selfish. Often with their heads in the sand about climate change and social inequality. I thought they were greedy people who only cared about propping up an economy slanted heavily towards the one per cent. But I've discovered that this is not a dividing line between good and evil. Or more realistically, a swirled mix of good, mostly good, and marginally apathetic, with a stark royal blue evil on the other side.

This election I've been talking with friends and family members who have voted Conservative and will continue to do so. I used to think everyone felt the same way I did about most mainstream political issues. I used to wonder how Conservatives were getting elected if nobody was voting for them. Fraud? Low voter turnout? Witchcraft? Voodoo?

Real people with nice families and good intentions are voting Conservative. Some people want a tough stance on crime. Some people believe terrorists are a genuine threat to Canada. Some have slightly misguided thoughts on immigration. Some are concerned that taxing high earners and corporations fairly would be a problem. I'm not an economics expert, so I can't debate extensively on that front, although I do believe in fair taxes for individuals and corporations, accessible higher education and reasonable unions.

Clearly, my views are biased when it comes to politics. I want change. I want to buy a home (notice I didn't say 'house' since I'm being realistic here) and I want my kids to have everything they need (not want). I don't know how things are going to turn out after this election. I am glad that this time around I have a more holistic sense of how and why things are happening in the political landscape of my country. I can agree to disagree. I can accept different views. And most importantly, I can still hope for the best.

29 September 2015

Writing furiously this fall

It's always been a goal of mine to breathe some life back into this blog, or at a bare minimum, to return to a regular posting frequency.

Although I've got lots going on right now, it's mostly about plugging away at The Variant Conspiracy, developing plot and crafting narrative.

It's fall and I'm still on a maternity leave, so I'm close to home most days. I'm looking after my daughter, baby Betty, writing when I can. When not writing, I'm still trying to squeeze in a bit of jewellery design.

With all that in mind, here are a few snaps from my Instagram profile - an app I'm still learning how to use.

Sweet Sleeper

Workbench Madness

Alice's Toadstool Mushroom #growinginmyyard

23 July 2015

In Irina's Cards has a home at Soul Mate Publishing!

I have a brief, but very exciting update. I'm thrilled to share that my speculative trilogy, The Variant Conspiracy, has been picked up by New York-based Soul Mate Publishing!

If you've heard me mention the first book in this series, In Irina's Cards, you'll know this has been a long time coming for me. The ideas behind The Variant Conspiracy germinated as early as 2009 when I was still living in Victoria.

I hope you're all as excited as I am! Like my Facebook page, follow my Twitter feed, and check back on this blog for more updates and announcements as In Irina's Cards gets closer to release.

To give you an idea of what's coming, here is a brief synopsis:

In Irina’s Cards is the story of 19-year-old Irina Proffer who discovers a world of fringe genetic science and supernatural mystery. Following visions inspired by a strange deck of tarot cards, Irina learns of an amazing variation in her genetic code. She has the ability to see the past, present and future, in her life and the lives around her.

Irina sets out from her northern home for BC's coastal capital to get answers. She is drawn in by a powerful first love and a compelling, yet dangerous mystery. Working at Innoviro Industries and meeting other 'variants' brings Irina closer and closer to the dark truth about her origins. She finds herself at the heart of two overlapping love triangles as she scrambles to escape her employer's grip. At the close of the novel, Irina realizes she has merely scratched the surface of a frightening conspiracy on a global scale.