29 February 2016

Locations that inspire you

Some settings strike deep chords with the people who visit them. Some places remind us that the world is beautiful and life is amazing. We have experiences in those places that move and change and mold us. The last time it happened to me, I was in Maui.

 Beach in Wailea

I'm writing this with the movie Midnight in Paris playing in the background. We recently subscribed to Netflix and I've been gorging on speculative TV shows and movies. How could I not watch a movie about a writer pulled into 20's-era Paris to hang out with literary greats?

I'm easily inspired by settings myself. I've blogged about it before. And my upcoming trilogy The Variant Conspiracy has some of my favourite cities throughout the story. Victoria, Vancouver (especially Gastown), Seattle, London, and Nairobi. I also branched out into a few places I've never actually been (I don't do that often, but it had to be done in this case). I look forward to feedback on my interpretation of San Francisco, Las Vegas, Cairo, and Shanghai, as well as a few more rural spots.

I'll keep it short and sweet today. I'll end with a request for comments about what locations and landscapes inspire you. Tell me where you've been that made you want to write, paint, photograph, or express yourself in some other way. Tell me what made the place special. Architecture? Sunsets? Mountains? Water? Woods? People?

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