14 March 2016

The case of the disappearing comments

Source: reactiongifs.com
Ever since I made the personal commitment to post on my blog every Monday for the foreseeable future, I've also starting reading more blogs - and commenting on them. If I want blog enthusiasts to find me one day, I can think of no other strategy (apart from social media sharing) to earn those readers.

I know blogging is a tough slog through the enormous sea of content that is the Internet. It's a lot like writing fiction. You're talking. Probably nobody is listening. But you do it anyway.

Now I don't expect every random comment to generate meaningful connections. But I do expect those comments to appear on the bloody posts! I've found an article that sounds interesting. I read it through. I think of an insightful, funny, or appreciative sentiment. I type it out and hit 'Publish' with a small amount of trepidation. And then my carefully crafted little snippet disappears! Not with a message about moderation or an error. Just totally gone for no reason!

I've taken to copying comments into a notepad file so that when the comment disappears - as so often happens these days - I can try again with another sign-in method. Google Account didn't work? Okay, lets try WordPress. Nope? How about the Name and URL option? No, this blog doesn't want my comment. Too bad for both of us. I even went as far as to uninstall my browser's pop-up blocker to facilitate more commenting success.

Are any other bloggers/readers having this problem? I'd love to hear about it. If my comment form actually works. Who knows.

If you've commented on this blog only to have the text disappear into digital smoke, come over to Facebook and tell me about it. I'd love to hear someone else rant about this maddening problem.

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