27 June 2016

Cover Reveal for A Sprint to His Heart by Lyla Bardan

A Sprint to His Heart

Lyla Bardan

Publication date: July 13th 2016
Genres: New Adult, Romance
An ordinary young woman with a dream to be a professional cyclist falls for an extraordinary young man who thinks she’s anything but ordinary.
Bailey Meyers doesn’t have time for distractions, much less a boyfriend, so why does she agree to date the drop-dead sexy Fae artist who loves to watch her race?

Because for once, she’d like to take a risk off the racecourse, even after her coach’s reminder of his no dating policy. A policy that puts her racing career in jeopardy when she’s kicked off the team, as if a concussion from a crash and an accusation of doping with dark Fae blood wasn’t enough.

She can’t stay away from the enchanting Piran of Sava…until she discovers he’s not who she thought he was. Can their love stay on course when Bailey joins a cycling team a thousand miles away and Piran is promised to a Fae princess?

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Author Bio:

Lyla Bardan wrote her first romance in fifth grade and was horrified when her male teacher read it aloud in class. She wrote her second romance in the seventh grade after seeing two great horned owls engage in a rather fascinating courtship dance. As the male hooted, danced, and bobbed for the female, Lyla knew there was a story to be told. This discovery of passion in the animal world led to a lifelong interest in science, other worldly creatures, and their love stories.

While in college, Lyla joined a sci-fi/fantasy acting group, where she and others made puppets and produced plays for fellow students. Her favorite part was not creating the overly detailed and ornate puppets of fairies, demons, and dragons, but writing romance bits into every script.

It wasn’t until years into an unfulfilling scientific research career that Lyla came back to her roots of writing. Reaching into her dreams and fantasies, she left the research behind and now stays busy writing from the comfort of her home office, overlooking her well-maintained fairy garden, fruit bearing trees, and a number of birdhouses. There she can relax and remember that it was two birds that originally sparked her interest in love stories just begging to be told.

Note: Bits of this fascinating biography (written by Lyla’s daughter) are actually true!


24 June 2016

Cover Reveal for The Compendium - Book 2!

Available July 13th!
Since it's Friday and I'm in need of a pick-me-up, I think it's time for the official cover reveal for The Compendium! Read the blurb below!

The Compendium (The Variant Conspiracy Book 2)
Irina and her renegade variant friends are scrambling to pick up the trail of their former employer, Ivan, and his globally catastrophic scheme. After strategically sharing their story with the media, the group heads south from Vancouver to Seattle hoping to recruit more experienced – and lethal – variants to their cause.

Their attention develops a laser focus on an engineered disaster mere days ahead of them. Ivan is using what staff and resources remain of Innoviro Industries to set off a violent earthquake in San Francisco. While they fight to stop the earthquake, Irina pushes the love of her life Jonah as far away as she can, trying to keep his unstable genetic degradation in check.
Irina’s friends think they’ve seen the worst that Innoviro could bring forth by the time they reach a secret facility in the Mojave Desert. As they near the property, the group uncovers a horror none of them had ever imagined.

This sequel follows hot on the heels of In Irina's Cards, which is starting to receive some interesting feedback. Check out Amazon and Goodreads for full reviews.

#NewAdult #NA #sci-fi #paranormal #PNR #TheVariantConspiracy

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14 June 2016

Books & Bling from Christine Hart & Sleepless Storyteller

Building up to the July 13th release of The Compendium, Book 2 of The Variant Conspiracy, I'm giving away a special statement necklace from Sleepless Storyteller's vault. This is the Clockwork Cameo Angel.

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Join my mailing list to enter, and you'll also receive a copy of Night Watchmen - mobi and epub available.

Be the first to see cover reveals for The Compendium and the conclusion to this sci-fi PNR new adult trilogy, Terra Nova. Stay in the loop for announcements about new books and more giveaways.

13 June 2016

Welcome to MJ Compton and Omega Moon Rising


I have another guest author on my blog today, the charming and witty MJ Compton! She's a fellow author with NY-based Soul Mate Publishing.

She's joining me today to talk about her new release, Omega Moon Rising, now available on Amazon.com.

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C: Can you share your inspiration for the Toke Lobo & the Pack series?

M: I have had a fondness for werewolves since Quentin Collins on Dark Shadows (a gothic TV soap opera from my youth). Then I read a book about a vampire secret agent and thought, “Oh, how clever! But a werewolf secret agent would be cooler . . .er, hotter . . . er, better.” And so I started world building.

C: Tell us a bit more about Omega Moon Rising.

M: Luke, the hero, has been with me for quite a while. I knew I needed to tie his proclivity for Internet porn and his obsession with sex to his conflict when I wrote his story. My wonderful critique group was not comfortable with some of the topics Luke needed to confront—one member even suggested I get rid of his fondness for porn, but his on-line activities had defined his character and played pivotal roles in two previous books. Fortunately, the story flooded out of me—first draft was done in 56 days (I work a full-time Day Job, too)—so I didn’t need a lot of feedback or brainstorming. Defining Abby, the heroine, was the tough part. You know the adage about the fireman and the arsonist? Luke was in to Internet porn so Abby ¬had to be a victim. But she needed to be motivated, and that was emotionally tough. Plus passive victims are boring. I also didn’t want her to be a stereotype. It helped that I have an amazing editor who asked insightful questions.


Abigail Grant has a secret . . . and a plan to keep her younger sister from suffering the same fate. Her strategy would have worked if she hadn’t been seduced by sweet-talking musician Luke Omega. Suddenly she’s plucked from the life she wanted to escape, but her new circumstances only expose her to a different danger—or is it her salvation?

Luke has a secret, too. He believes he can change his destiny through willpower—and a little blue pill. When he inadvertently gets mixed up in the Grant sisters’ troubles and his pack alpha orders him to marry Abigail, his family insists he tell her he’s a werewolf. But Luke claims Abigail is not his life mate. She doesn’t need to know what happens to him on the full moon.

Until he accidentally stumbles across her secret. Then all bets are off.

C: You had a long and colorful career in media, but you always had a passion for writing. So what do you feel was your first moment of success in writing fiction?

M: I don’t think there was a single big moment, but rather a culmination of many small moments: my first contest final; the first time a contest judged reached out to me privately because she wanted me to submit to her agent; having an agent call me at day job because she liked my work and had heard I was about to sign with another agent; signing with an agent (who subsequently retired); receiving a letter from an editor who’d judged a contest entry asking me to submit a complete, even though I didn’t win the contest; realizing I needed to redefine my vision of success; having a local library contact me to conduct a program on romance novels for their adult summer reading program . . . so many validations of me as an author. Or maybe it was the first royalty check.

C: Do you have any advice for aspiring writers?

M: Two things:

1)    Find a writing community and be active in it. You will receive tenfold what you put into it. I don’t know if I could have written the books I’ve written without the education and support of my local chapter of Romance Writers of America. These are the people who will “get” you. These are the people who will give you chocolate when things are bad and who will pop the bubbly when things are great. These people are your tribe. Find them.

2)    BICHOK. Butt In Chair Hands On Keyboard. The best part of writing is having written. The only way to have written is to write. Sometimes one must write through the crap to get to the story, but the only way to get to the story is to write through the crap. WRITE.

Here's a little bit more about MJ:
MJ Compton grew up near Cardiff, New York, a place best known for its giant, which inspired her to create her own fiction.

Although her 30-year career in local television included such highlights as being bitten by a lion, preempting a US President for a college basketball game, giving a three-time world champion boxer a few black eyes, a mention in the Drudge Report, and meeting her husband, MJ never lost her dream of writing her own stories.

MJ still lives in upstate New York with her husband. She’s a member of Romance Writers of America and Central New York Romance Writers. Music and cooking are two of her passions, and she enjoys baseball and college basketball, but she’s primarily focused on wine . . . and writing.

06 June 2016

A new setting In Real Life and upcoming tours

Green space behind our town home
I know it's not really a good idea to tell everyone on the Internet where you live. So I'm not going to do that. But my family recently moved from Burnaby to Langley and while it's a really great change for my kids, it's thrown our lives for a loop.

My days are full. Promoting books, editing books, chasing littles, unpacking, sorting, cleaning ... you get the picture. I'm sifting through a lot of personal and professional paperwork, from address changes to promo bookings. I registered my oldest for kindergarten and found out he's on a wait list. (For public school!) Anyway, you get the picture - a lot of balls in the air.

In the midst of all that, I'm excited to be ramping up towards my first real live blog tour! Stay tuned on my Facebook page and Twitter feed June 14 -21. More tours are coming June 27, July 18, and an undetermined date in August.

I'll be sharing excerpts from In Irina's Cards and her first sequel, The Compendium. A cover reveal for the latter will be in there somewhere.

And, fingers crossed, I'll be able to share more reviews for Irina. Feedback is starting to trickle in via Amazon (US) and (CA) but I'm itching to share a bonafide literary review. You'll all be the first to know when it happens.

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